Moray, Scotland

The Wovens Mill

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By Rohan Dhir, founder of Archibald

Our story starts with one of the most iconic cashmere items in the world - the Burberry scarf.

In the midst of the 'democratization of cashmere', our Chief Technology Officer was taking advantage of the amazing deals on cashmere offered by fast fashion retailers. However, the rest of us knew better. We knew there was no such thing as a free lunch; there had to be a compromise, somewhere.

The day the Burberry scarf entered our studios, we had our answer. There was no comparison between the two products and delving into the industry taught us why.

We studied products from brands renowned for their cashmere, learning of their operations, what made their products better, and by inference, the reasoning for their inaccessible price tags. Enter Archibald - we had finally found our second category to 'disrupt'.

While brands tend to market their high grades of cashmere fibres, the difference between quality is actually in the finishing, rather than raw product. Consumers tend to listen to hymns about lambswool, merino and cashmere, but the biggest differentiator is in the way these products are washed, teaseled and woven.

Many hours of research later, we were led to the historic and beautiful Scotland, to a family-owned mill established in the eighteenth century.

Speaking with them, we learned what part of goats yielded the best fibres, how the different breeds of goats were taken care of, and how industries were established in Scotland to specialize in processing fibres the 'traditional way'—by raising and shepherding their own flock of sheep, before shearing and spinning the wool themselves to yield beautiful yarns. While their wool is sourced locally, the cashmere fibre originates from just outside Mongolia, where cashmere goats are native to the region. Our factory works directly with suppliers there to import only the finest cashmere fibres before they are spun at their local facility.

With over 200 years of expertise in textile manufacturing, the factory is without a doubt, considered the premier manufacturer of cashmere and woolens. They are the only vertically integrated manufacturer in Scotland, maintaining the capability to take natural fibres from their raw state to perfectly finished products—ensuring the most efficient manufacturing process possible.

The family is dedicated to maintaining their quality, while their experience has been passed down through generations to ensure it is preserved and represented in the products they make today.