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The Goodyear a mano

A stylish companion for any road in life.

The Product
A pair of shoes made the old way and brought to you the right way, promising to accompany you on today’s journeys and tomorrow’s adventures.
Archibald London
Archibald London
Archibald London
Perfect comfort
Made only from the finest Italian calfskin, bringing you the ultimate comfort on any occasion, whether it is on a busy business trip or a night of dancing.
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3 Styles, 3 Colors
When classic British style meets old-world Italian craftsmanship, the result can only be a heavenly. Whichever one of the the three styles you choose, the Goodyear a mano will be your loyal companion on whatever road you decide to take.
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Archibald London
Special stitching
Goodyear welting is the oldest, most labour intensive, and durable of the three main methods of construction used to make a pair of leather shoes. With every stitch placed manually by our master craftsmen, it has become the hallmark of quality and comfort, with its longevity extending to over 12 re-soles.
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The search for the best handcrafted shoes took us to a small family-owned atelier run by mother, father and son in Mirandola, Italy. Whilst the mother is the expert in selecting the best leather, father and son have perfected the art of making the perfect shoe.
Archibald London
Woven in
Mirandola, Italy
Hands needed
Lead Craftsman
Alessandro Rossi
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