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Lens Reglazing by Archibald

Give your favourite pair of glasses (or sunglasses) a new lease on life with our premium lens replacement service - fulfilled at our lens laboratory in Sabae, Japan.

When we started Archibald, we knew there was little point in offering frames - meticulously made by our team of master craftsmen in Japan - if the lenses we were pairing them with were sub-par. We realised the world of lenses was just as murky as that of frames - opticians had their 10x mark-ups on both cheap and high grade offerings and online retailers used unacceptably low grade lenses as part of a "free prescription lenses" gimmick.

At Archibald, we take our lenses seriously, so seriously in fact that many of you have come to realize the difference. We have developed our offering by working closely with one of Japan's leading premium lens manufacturers curating our own line of premium optics and sunglasses lenses. When you own a pair of Archibald's, a new pair of glasses is needed less often than a new prescription.

Given this it is only fair we offer some sort of service to help get your frames fitted with an updated pair of lenses of the same integrity as those they first arrived with. At the same time, as our young collection is growing - rather than subjugate you to the ridiculous mark-ups on poor lenses, we have decided to offer the re-glazing service to non-Archibald branded frames as well - our way of saying sorry for not quite getting our act together quick enough with a pair that suits.

Start reglazing my lenses

Step 1

What type of frames do you own?

Full Rim

Select this option if your glasses have a full rim around them.

Half Rim

Select this option if only the top half of your glasses are rimmed and the bottom half are rimless.


Select this option if your glasses have no rim around the lenses.


Would you like to reglaze your frames with optics or sunglasses lenses?

Optics Sunglasses


Select the lens colour you would like


Select your Prescription Type

Choose "Near" if you need your glasses for close range use, such as reading a book, or "Distance" if you need the pair to see things in the distance, such as driving. Progressive (Varifocal) lenses allow both the ''Distance'' and ''Near'' prescription in one (i.e. using the pair for both driving and looking at a map), where the strength gradually changes from the top of the lens to the bottom. These come with an extra charge of £126. Reading glasses are also for close range use, however these work more like magnifying glasses - more for people who do not require astigmatism correction.


Please insert your prescription details

Sph Cyl Axis Add Pd
Right (OD)
Left (OS)
Note: In general an extra charge of £35 will be charged for CYL values higher than +2.00 and below -2.00 and for SPH values higher than +6.00 and below -6.00. For any other high prescription circumstances, we will get in touch via email prior to proceeding.
Reading prescription


Select the type of lenses you would like

All our lenses come complete with double anti-scratch, anti-reflective and super water repellent coatings. The index refers to the thickness of the lens. The higher the index, the thinner and lighter the lens. 1.67 Index Lenses represent our standard offering and generally recommended for most cases. Blue filter lenses protect against harmful blue light emitted from electronic devices such as smartphones and computers. The blue filter coating replaces the front anti-reflective coating and this lens type is only available in 1.60 and 1.70 indexes.
We recommend our polarised sunglasses lenses, which provide up to 4x the polarisation of conventional polarised lenses. 1.67 Index Ultra Thin Lenses are our standard offering for sunglasses and is our recommendation for most cases, from readers to standard and high prescriptions. 1.74 Index Hyper Thin Lenses are recommended in case of very high prescriptions (SPH +/- 8.00 and above). For progressive (or varifocal) prescriptions, an extra charge of £126 will be applied during the "prescription" step of the checkout process. Additional options are also available during checkout.


You're almost ready

What's next?

Once you complete your order , you will receive a confirmation email followed by an email with instructions and a label you can use to send your frames to our address in London. When your frames arrive, we will first examine them to confirm they are fit for reglazing and if so, then forward them to our lens laboratory in Japan.

Please Note

As the reglazing service can carry with it many variables, the price to reglaze a particular pair can vary following an order. However, you may rest assured with the knowledge that should there be a change in price, we will not proceed until we get confirmation from you that the change is acceptable.

Terms of Service

Frame: n/a Prescription: n/a Lenses: n/a Total: £ n/a