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Excellence without compromise. True craftsmanship, direct connections, no middlemen.

Our Story

Archibald London is a unique platform that makes the finest, most beautifully crafted products available directly to you without the excessive mark-ups of conventional luxury retailers.

We do this by searching for and establishing personal relationships with the world’s most talented craftsmen. These people use knowledge and skills that have been passed down through generations to work without compromise and create something truly exceptional, which you will cherish for years to come.

With an eye on contemporary design, we work to preserve their time-honored crafts and take you back to a slower, more intimate time when people knew who made their shoes, baked their bread and tailored their suits. Archibald is a new breed with old and trusted beginnings.

Rohan Dhir Rohan Dhir,
Founder & CEO
The Philosophy - Part I

The Search For Excellence

We spend months finding the most talented craftsmen around the world, the very same people that other ‘luxury’ brands have left behind in their search for lower costs. We travel to meet them, build strong, personal relationships and ensure their commitment is as strong as ours.
Archibald London
Archibald London
Archibald connects you to the people and places others have left behind, forming a direct relationship with the world’s master craftsmen.”
The expertise of these craftsmen is continuously drawn upon as we ensure each of them becomes a part of the fabric of what we are building. This communal approach allows us to ensure integrity and supply only the best products. It also re-exposes neglected pockets of creative excellence - enabling us to publicise their existence, maintain the finest methods of production and so re-introduce genuine quality to the world.
The Philosophy - Part II

Direct, Human Connections

At Archibald we maximise ‘human capital’. Every aspect of what we do relies on people, from the craftsmen we work with, right through to our customers. We break unnecessary barriers between the designer, the maker and the customer as we believe transparency strengthens relationships. Establishing our philosophy online enables us to circumvent the shackles of traditional retail, which often lead to excessive mark-ups and illusions of value. This way, we offer an unprecedented advantage by making the best products far more honestly priced, without the compromise on quality.
Archibald London
Excellent craftsmanship without the traditional retail mark-up means you no longer have to compromise on quality due to an inaccessible price tag.”
The Philosophy - Part III

The Greater Good

At Archibald, we carve our approach for the ‘benefit of the greater good’. This is the only approach we see as sustainable in an age where race-to-the-bottom labour and manufacturing practices have led to a human rights crisis and the most wasteful, cheaply made goods—ever.
Archibald London
By encouraging the pursuit of excellence in the minds of everyone involved in what we do, we give Archibald a meaning beyond straight profit—one that enriches the lives of our craftsmen, our employees and our customers.
Our Model

The Other Benefit

We believe that the highest craft shouldn’t mean an inaccessible price tag. Unlike others, our idea of 'directly to you' means fairer markups without having to make any compromise on quality.

Archibald London - Direct To Consumer

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