Our Philosophy
In Japan, master craftsmen are known as Shokunin and the most accomplished Shokunin earn the title of Takumi. To truly appreciate these honours, one must understand the philosophy and dedication required to achieve them - many highly skilled craftsmen spend their entire lives dedicated to their work, yet fail to achieve these titles. The title of Shokunin is only earnt through an uncompromising and relentless devotion to a pursuit, art or activity at a highly advanced level. Disciples observe what their teacher does, and achieve mastery through osmosis. There is no room for complacency. This philosophy, known as Kodawari, can only ever occur when total focus is given to the subject matter; when a breach of standard is unthinkable and compromise is intolerable. The Japanese believe that Kodawari maintains quality in life and allows the rest of us to enjoy a better standard of living. The idea is that if new peaks were not continuously set, none would be reached and we would all languish in the depths of insignificance. We aim to provide you with the same fulfilment by identifying the master craftsmen who can be entrusted to bring our designs to life. And, as we expand our offering, we pledge we will only ever connect you with individuals who work according to this philosophy, wherever they may be.